Reading tuition

Dyslexia tutoring and catch-up literacy instruction

For struggling readers who have dyslexia, learning difficulties or other literacy issues.

  • Does your child or student struggle with literacy?
  • Are you an adult who wants to improve your reading and writing skills?
  • Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with dyslexia (or suspect dyslexia as a cause for reading difficulties)? 

Learning to read and write isn’t something that ‘just’ happens through immersion or exposure. It’s a complex skill that has to be explicitly taught. 

The good news is, it’s never too early or too late to learn. With a multisensory, evidence-based approach, you can improve your reading and learning confidence at any age.







Evidence-based instruction in reading, spelling and writing

What we do

Dyslexia and literacy difficulties don’t just impact reading. They affect all areas of learning, whether it’s English, maths or any other school subject.

Too often, bright, capable students – who happen to find reading difficult, sit quietly on the sidelines in class, finding the written work expected of them, challenging.

Sometimes, there may be accommodations that allow them to independently do their work.

Other times, not.

Learning is less enjoyable and just more stressful when reading, spelling and writing don’t come easily.

Read Aspire provides evidence-based instruction in reading, spelling and writing.

We work with students of all ages and offer personalised, 1 to 1 learning programs that meet students where they are at.

Learning is engaging, efficient and effective. We work with readers aged pre-K to adult. Our resources are always age-appropriate. If you’re an older student, you won’t get pretty clip art or little-kids fonts.

How it works

Read Aspire is an online teaching service. That means we support families wherever they are, as long as there’s a reasonable internet service.

Lessons are taught using Zoom. We use a mix of:

  •  interactive, online learning tools
  • fun games to reinforce concepts
  • physical and online manipulatives for word work
  • student whiteboards for quick-response writing practice
  • oral and listening activities
  • engaging decodable readers and background knowledge-building short passages
  • PDF workbooks and activities

Expect to learn:

  • sound-symbol correspondences
  • morphology
  • eytomology
  • how sentences (and paragraphs) work
  • strategies for spelling high frequency words, single syllable and multisyllablic words. Also learn common ‘rules’ or patterns that help explain why we spell certain words the way we do

We encourage review and regular practice and recommend a minimum of 2 lessons a week for noticeable momentum in learning.

Our practice is open virtually, 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday, including school hours and school holidays.

Why us

Learning to read is a complex achievement, and learning to teach reading requires extensive knowledge and skills across the components of word recognition, language comprehension, spelling and writing.

Louisa C. Moats, Teaching Reading is Rocket Science, American Federation of Teachers, 2020

The English language is beautifully complex. And we’d be the first to say that learning how to teach reading is not a one-training-course-and-done kind of deal.

Our approach draws on the science of reading research, years of classroom teaching experience and specialist training in structured literacy and learning science.

We assess. We personalise. We care. We advocate.

And we’ll celebrate every achievement of learning together.

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How else can we help?

Writing programs

Learn how to express yourself in writing, whether it’s creatively, academically or for business or work. Online writing programs for all ages.

Small group literacy programs

Skills-based and curriculum-based, Read Aspire’s small group programs are an affordable and focused option for students who learn best with others. Perfect for students who want to improve their reading, spelling and writing, and to learn the English and academic skills for high school success. 

Pre-K literacy headstart

Kickstart reading with these fun and engaging small group classes for pre-K’s. Your little learner will develop the foundational literacy skills essential for becoming successful future readers and writers.

Homeschool History

History tutoring and curriculum planning for homeschool families (and ‘regular’ school students too 🙂 )

Homeschool English

English tutoring and curriculum planning for homeschool families

Coaching and training

Consulting and coaching services for families, students and educators in literacy and curriculum delivery. 

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