Got big goals?

Become a more confident reader and writer

Read Aspire’s mission is simple. We work with people, of all ages, who have big goals and don’t want their reading difficulties getting in the way.

Our programs are underpinned by reading science and designed to work.

Because we work online, students anywhere, no matter how remote, can get the help they need with their literacy and learning skills. 

Reading (and writing) opens so many doors for life and learning.

If you are looking for a caring, collaborative literacy specialist, Read Aspire can help. 

If you are are looking for a more literacy-focused approach to learning, we can help.

Hello there. I’m Carla Beth

My story and how Read Aspire came to be

I’m a words and language person, whose heart and soul is in teaching.

In school, I was the kid who was happiest with my nose in a book or when putting pen to paper. When I left school, I  become a professional writer. One of my best birthday presents ever was a thesaurus, closely followed by a typewriter (yep, I know, that gives you some idea how old I am). I still have both, and used them in my early years as a journalist. 

When I became a high school English teacher, I naively assumed all my students would be able to read and write. I thought there’d be at least a solid foundational level of literacy. 

I was wrong. For many of my students, there wasn’t. And still isn’t. 

Recent figures at Code Read Dyslexia Network show at least 20% of all Australian students can’t read proficiently. And, almost half Australian adults lack basic literacy skills. 

I don’t know about you, but surely as a society we can do better?

I was always well-intentioned. And, according to my students, I was a pretty good teacher. But, I always had an underlying uncomfortable feeling I could do better to support my classroom ‘kids’ with their reading and writing, as could the school system and teacher training system.

Fast forward more than a decade.

A change in circumstances led to a chance to do what I’d always felt called to do: teach reading.

And so, Read Aspire was born.

I believe being able to read is empowering. I believe literacy gives choices, creates confidence and benefits all of us as individuals and as a community. 

As a specialist reading teacher and dyslexia tutor, I feel hugely privileged that I get to work with amazing learners who commit to this journey of becoming more confident readers.

Are you ready to join me?

Professional credentials

  • Bachelor of Arts, Grad. Dip. Ed. (Secondary)
  • Experienced K-12 teacher, including teaching students with learning difficulties, English and history
  • Adult training qualifications
  • NESA Professional Teaching Accreditation
  • Orton Gillingham training
  • Trained in OG-derived programs: LearnUp and Ascend Smarter Intervention
  • Sounds-Write Specialist Literacy Practitioner
  • Cracking the ABC Code Reading Specialist Teacher
  • That Reading Thing tutor
  • Working with Children Check

Professional memberships

If you are looking for reliable information about reading science, learning differences and dyslexia, make sure to check out the resources provided by the organisations below. You don’t need to be a member, as I am, to find lots of helpful fact sheets and advice.

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